The Summit proposes: corporate culture for the sustainability of humanityGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The Summit proposes: corporate culture for the sustainability of humanity

CSR Session / Paraguay


The Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ) began its second edition with the development of the First Encounter of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), focused on promoting a corporate culture of CSR as a global commitment for the sustainable development and integral peace of the nations.

The session brought together entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, businessman and parliamentary, political and institutional authorities from Latin America, United States, Spain and Israel to examine the role of companies, organizations and governments in building peace.

Also, for the presentation of proposals on CSR as a key factor to work towards a sustainable development, considering its four dimensions: social, cultural and educational, economic and environmental.

Palabras de Apertura por William Soto, presidente ejecutivo de la EMAP.


William Soto Santiago president of CUMIPAZ, and executive president of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) set the tone of the meeting, by outlining the objectives of the session, among these, to integrate the Eco dynamics dimension to activities and proposals for the peace of nations, in harmony with Mother Earth.

"If we want a real development of nations, a true push in business economic development, it should go along with a setting of educational planning, the social setting and the cultural setting; but above all, with respect towards the environment, for our Mother Earth,” said Soto. (Listen to the lecture here)

The encounter was held in Asuncion, Paraguay, home of CUMIPAZ 2016; the sessions began at the Granados Park Hotel.

Speakers and representatives from different countries, organizations and institutions gathered to work in an integrated manner on a consensus proposal to be included in the Declaration of the Summit.

First day of work

Congressman Tadeo Rojas, vice president of the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay, said the Summit strengthens the country in all aspects.

The presentations began with Nelson Diaz Caceres, director of the Sustainability Policy and Research Group, and coordinator of the chair Ethics for entrepreneurs: Kliksberg, with the topic "Peace and a Sustainable Development".

Diaz said in his statement that companies have an educator agency from the cultural, communication and corporate governance point of view. (Listen to audio here)

Gustavo Yepes Lopez, director of Management and Social Responsibility of the Faculty of Business Administration of the University Externado in Colombia gave a presentation on the "CSR Guidelines for companies in the private sector and its measurement indicators".

Yepes began his presentation with questions like "What are the company’s responsibilities? How can the private sector play an active role in finding solutions for the main problems our Planet is facing?" (Listen to lecture here).

"Self-sustaining economy" was another theme of the session, presented by the CEO and founder of the International Networkers Team (INT), Herminio Nevarez, who presented a global trend in networking that has allowed millions of people to have a real choice of income (Listen to audio here).


Success stories

As part of the program, entrepreneurs shared distinguished job careers that have positioned them as successful stories in responsible business management..

Oscar Vallarino, Vice President of Corporate Management, authority of Panama, explained how the areas that he attends to, through his company, strengthens their management and human capital, such as the conservation of natural resources, social welfare and equity, among others.

Aldo Rodriguez Trivero, general manager of Unilever Paraguay, spoke about his sustainable business plan, and the intention of generating a positive impact on society, to improve the quality of life of the people

Corporate Conferences

Orencio Vazquez, the coordinator of the Corporate Social Responsibility Observatory, through the topic: "Corporate Social Responsibility, challenges and opportunities" showed the importance of dialogue to propose solutions to the challenges of nations to address sustainable development. (Listen to audio here)

The consultant of the International Leadership Institute and the Ministry of Education of Israel, Felisa Liss, spoke about "The importance of social action and corporate volunteering".

Liss stressed that voluntary work starts at home and school, until it reaches the level of social community. (Listen to audio here)


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