"We need an inclusive policy with correct decisions", SotoGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

"We need an inclusive policy with correct decisions", Soto

Parlamentary Session / Guatemala



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William Soto, executive president of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) and director of the Peace Integration Summit, CUMIPAZ, which is celebrating its fourth edition in Guatemala, addressed political leaders, representatives of supranational organizations, ambassadors, senators and other government officials, present at the international event.

At the opening of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session, Soto raised the need for a global and inclusive governance for the peace and happiness of the human family, sustainable development and the preservation of Mother Earth.

He said that, currently, the climate of distrust and the increase of the lack of credibility towards political parties by citizens is common, which has generated a generalized consensus that the political sector has become corrupt and that the problems that cross countries are due to the wrong actions of those who have the task of governing.

"It is essential that the political class reflect on why these statements have been generalized as absolute truths, until finally believing them irreversible. Shorten the distancing with society, establish a sincere meeting that gives feedback to a deep transformation but based on the very essence of the origin of politics, is part of an urgent and necessary agenda for leaders and political parties, "he said.

Conscientious and responsible policy: work from the heart

Soto pointed out that when the policy is carried out consciously in a responsible manner, with solidarity and service vocation, it looks for the common good and is oriented to the ability to govern with the direct and continuous participation of the citizens, to make decisions that allow the development of the nations and the well-being of the inhabitants that make them up.

He stressed that it is necessary to strengthen values and work from the hearts of leaders and citizens:

"Power groups and systems are composed of people; then we must work in the hearts of the human being that make up the political parties, in the hearts of the people that make up the powers of a nation, and in the hearts of the citizens who are part of society, who have the power to elect leaders."

Right decisions

The leader of the peace activists pointed out that in the political practice for decisions to be correct they must be taken from the heart, based on principles and values, but, above all, based on love towards others and Mother Earth.

"A correct decision is one that is made when actions, laws, decrees, declarations, resolutions or public policies are approved, that are positive and benefit you as a leader, your family, society as a whole and Mother Earth ... You will know that the decision is correct because you will feel peace in your heart,” he said.


William Soto Santiago
Global Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.

Active role of citizens

Soto also stressed that citizens have a duty to exercise an active and participatory role in the politics of the countries.

"It is not simply to fall into repetitive criticisms and absolute affirmations but to consciously engage in processes and in a reflective and constant dialogue. Let us learn to make correct decisions by responsibly choosing leaders based on the strengths of their proposals and government plans."

An integrating art and science

Finally, William Soto said:

"Politics is an art and an integrating science that is based on love and service by the human being; and must adapt to the social, economic and technological transformations that the world is going through, without losing its essence: making the right decisions that produce well-being, overcoming, peace and happiness of the human family and respect for Mother Earth".



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