Voluntary electric blackout in Puerto RicoGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Voluntary electric blackout in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Hundreds of citizens in the municipality of Caguas, Puerto Rico, celebrated Earth Hour in the public square R. Palmer. Puerto Ricans gathered to demonstrate their commitment in the fight against climate change, promoting the saving of electricity and the reduction of light pollution.

Sembrando arboles
Reforestation of the plaza in Caguas.
The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) joined the activity organized by the municipality of Caguas, responding to the call of the environmental organization WWF, who, since 2007, has promoted the worldwide celebration which consists of a voluntary electric blackout for one hour.
The Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth used informative modules, created by volunteer activists, on environmental issues, during their participation. The event was also supported by the Specialized Secondary School: Science, Mathematics and Technology (CIMATEC).

After Hurricane Maria

Guillermo Rivera Cruz, director of Environmental Affairs of Caguas, during the event said:

"This year, turning off the lights takes on a greater importance because after Hurricane Maria a large part of our city has no electricity”.

Rivera reported that 40% of the population in Caguas does not have this service and stressed the importance of finding other alternatives to produce energy such as solar panels and the energy generated by cheaper air currents.

As part of the event program, there was a planting of Malagueta Trees (Pimenta racemosa), a medicinal plant that is used for the friction of blows, fatigue, headaches, among others.

Shanten Quiñones de Jesús, a citizen of the municipality said: "We are still overcoming Hurricane Maria, but we must get up with a new awareness and take care of our planet, how to learn to live in the same place with our family".

Presentación teatral
Cultural representations in favor of our land.
For her part, Liza Evelisea, resident of Caguas, said: "If we do not conserve plants, vegetation and mangroves, when an atmospheric phenomenon occurs nothing will be able to protect us," she said.

The inhabitants of Caguas, the fifth most populous municipality in Puerto Rico, enjoyed a day of music, theater and environmental education. The celebration ended with an hour of darkness to give Mother Earth a room to breathe.


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