Spain: The practice of the 5R’s strengthens citizen commitmentGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Spain: The practice of the 5R’s strengthens citizen commitment


World Environment Day

In Spain, volunteers from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) gave talks on awareness of environmental values and recovered natural areas on the occasion of World Environment Day.

The students learned with the 5R’s Club, in a fun way, that Recycling, Reusing, Rejecting, Reducing and Reeducating helps the restoration of the planet. Likewise, the Activists for Peace informed the community that everyone can conserve rivers and beaches through small actions.

Ecological organizations in Barcelona and Tarragona supported the activities, which allowed citizens to understand that it is necessary to recognize Mother Earth as a living being, and that she must be respected by its inhabitants.

Children and the 5R’s

On May 29, GEAP activists attended the fourth edition of the TAST Social Volunteer Fair, where about 23 social entities met. This event was conducive to sharing with the community about the importance of 5R’s. The children who attended dedicated their manual works to Mother Earth.

On June 5 in the town of San Pedro and San Pablo of Tarragona, , the students of the School Marcel li Domingo, received educational talks by the activists, and as a result of the class, they created different objects with recyclable materials.

Limpieza de playa
Barcelona Volunteers
Cleaning Marathon

Simultaneously, a clean-up day was held at the Nova Icária beach and the seabed in coordination with Turismo de Barcelona and the City Council. The work was developed in the area of seaweed between 50 and 100 meters from the coastline, and between 5 and 10 meters deep.

To fulfill the objective, the volunteers were divided into teams, who were assigned a color according to their abilities, immersion, swimming, paddle surfing or support from the arena. In this way, it was possible to collect 80 kilos of garbage.

The GEAP volunteers toured part of the beach and accumulated objects such as bottles, plastic bags, glasses, among others. The objects taken from the depths of the sea were classified according to their denomination. This activity was covered by the media of the town.

A call to the citizens

Finally, the Activists for Peace gave a talk to give recommendations on the care of these areas to citizens; in addition, they invited attendees to join these activities that they carry out in favor of the environment.

The coordinator of the logistics of the Yotuba Association, Fernando Fernández Fraile, thanked the GEAP for the initiative of teaching human beings to preserve natural resources.



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