The GEAP participates in an Intercultural Festival in TarragonaGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP participates in an Intercultural Festival in Tarragona


The Citizen Relations Department of Tarragona, Spain, held the Intercultural Festival, an event where the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) socialized the projects they develop in favor of the human family.

The object of the encounter is to gather the cultural associations of the region who hold activities to make known their different traditions. Representatives from Paraguay, People's Republic of China, Bolivia, Guinea and Colombia participated in this event.

More than 150 people attended the 6th edition of the Intercultural Festival; the activity counted with the attendance of the people in charge of the social services in Tarragona and the consul of Paraguay.

Projects for peace

During the event, the GEAP presented the different programs that it carries out in society, for the progress, well-being, happiness and peace of the human family and of Mother Earth, promoting the formation of the integral human being.

At the same time, they highlighted the different programs, projects, and campaigns that the institution carries out aimed at the different fields in which the human being develops and interacts.

With the installation of an information module, the Activists for Peace, through the International Program Children of Mother Earth, spoke of the importance of recognizing Mother Earth as a living being; encouraging the citizens to support with their digital signature.

Children also participated in an interactive workshop, where they learned about the care of the environment through crafts. The activity allowed more people to join the Environmental Movement “Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth.

Recognizing the institutions

Artistic moments were present during the Intercultural Festival: groups from Paraguay, People's Republic of China, Bolivia, Guinea, and Colombia, shared their culture through traditional dances.

The consul of Paraguay in Barcelona, Juan Castillo, delivered the recognition to the institutions and cultural groups that participated during the cultural activity, where he highlighted the work that the GEAP carries out in favor of the community.  


access_time Saturday, November 19, 2016