Rebuilding an inclusive carousel for the enjoyment of children and adults in OlavarriaGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Rebuilding an inclusive carousel for the enjoyment of children and adults in Olavarria


Volunteers from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in the city of Olavarria, Argentina, received an invitation from Agustina Merlos, member of the “Illusions” group, to participate in the re-inauguration of the first and only Inclusive carousel of the country

In order to rebuild with recycled material, prepare chairs and games for children with reduced mobility, the activity that took place in Bioparque La Máxima was carried out.

The mayor of Olavarria, Ezequiel Galli, as well as different municipal authorities and personalities, attended the recreational day; the director of the Bioparque, Flavio Maldonado, was also present.

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The volunteers of the GEAP collaborated with the reconditioning and implementation of the carousel under the Social Program “Children of Mother Earth,” its purpose is to promote the restoration and protection of natural spaces through citizen actions.

“Illusions” is an institution that is dedicated to working with people who have a disability; it aims to offer them a better quality of life, and allows them to feel supported, cared for, respected and integrated into society.

An idea emerged

In a metallurgical workshop, Omar Chavez (a carousel attendant for more than 30 years) had the idea of re-adapting his carousel for children with reduced mobility problems. He was re-building some parts and decided to add a section where the children climbed with their wheelchair to enjoy the traditional turn.

The activity was successfully developed, which reached the goal by turning the country’s first all-inclusive carousel, which serves as a recreation for many children and adults in the area.


access_time Wednesday, July 26, 2017