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Political Panel: Integration and international cooperation among the States

Parlamentary Session / Guatemala
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With the objective of presenting proposals focused on the peace of the integral human being, political and parliamentary authorities participated in the second panel of dialogue that took place in the Diplomatic, Parliamentary, and policy Session of CUMIPAZ 2018.

The conference was held under the topic "The importance of regional blocs for integration and international cooperation among States, in order to achieve peace for the human family".

Senator Ciro Zabala Canedo, from the Pluricultural Republic of Bolivia, was in charge of moderating this segment that included the participation of:

Elías Castillo, president of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino)

Senator Alberto Fraba, from Spain

Eduardo Bhatia Gautier, president of the Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas (COPA), of Puerto Rico

Juan Pablo García Farinoni, vice president of Parlacen

Latin American integration

With the topic: "Latin American integration for the strengthening of democracy in the region," Delegate Elias Castillo, president of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino), presented an initiative entitled, "Model Law Project to promote comprehensive and joint management of the border area "and on" Participatory budgets ".

These two issues contribute to the strengthening of democracy and regional integration.

Also, Castillo explained that in May 2018, in the permanent headquarters, the integration processes in Latin America and the Caribbean were analyzed, and solutions and contributions were presented for the elaboration of strategies that favor international migration.

In this regard, Castillo commented:

"In the Parlatino we work in the integration of our countries from various areas of action, one of them is through the harmonization of the laws that are promoted by the delegates and vice president of parlatino and their respective national congresses and assemblies".


Elías Ariel Castillo González
President of PARLATINO. (Panama) , Co-President of the European-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly - EUROLAT

Conflict resolution

Alberto Fraba, senator from Spain, spoke on the subject "Mechanisms of conflict resolution in interregional integration processes", where he highlighted that social conflicts arise when there is no dialogue that allows the parties to reach an agreement, through a fundamental mechanism such as negotiation.


"When there is predisposition in spite of conflicts we are able to reach an agreement," he said.

During this part, a question and answer section was generated, where different topics were developed, among them democratic culture, social conflicts and individual responsibility.

He ended his presentation by referring to the UN as a mediating body that covers issues such as the defense of human rights, the maintenance of peace and the environment.

Welfare of the human family

For his part, the president of the Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas (COPA), of Puerto Rico, Eduardo Bhatia Gautier, developed the topic "The importance of a continental public policy management model for the contribution to welfare, peace and happiness of the human family ".

During his presentation, he emphasized the role played by a public servant, elected by citizens, who can do a positive job in his country, based on honesty, where citizen’s rights are respected and people's trust is gained.

Reach the peace of the nations

To finish, Juan Pablo García Farinoni, vice president of Parlacen, participated with the topic "Regional cooperation as a fundamental element to achieve peace among nations."

García, informed that the Central American Parliament addresses substantial issues, with the objective of deepening the integration process; institutional effort that has allowed promoting the issuance of resolutions, aimed at strengthening the peace of democracy and universal values.

He stressed that Parlacen is working with the objective of:

Generate critical analysis topics

Strengthen the process of economic integration and the advancement of the Central American Customs Union.

Strengthen the legal and social status of women in the region.

Perform political actions within the framework of the bi-regional strategic partnership, among others.

"The Central American Parliament is the stage for the strengthening of the processes of humanization and regional peace culture," he said.



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