Panama | Government authorities receive environmental proposalGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Panama | Government authorities receive environmental proposal


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Panama, through the Social Program Children of Mother Earth socialized during the month of April the Proclamation of Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth before different national and university bodies.

As part of the celebration of World Earth Day, the GEAP programmed different environmental activities with the aim of promoting the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being. In addition, it was the right moment to raise awareness among all Panamanians about the problems that affect the planet.

The environmental proposal was delivered to different government authorities, including: 

  • Leo Heileman, regional director of the United Nations Environment Program.
  • The advisory Commission on the codification of the Environmental Law of the National Assembly of Panama, representing one of its advisers, environmental lawyer Harley Mitchell Morán.
  • Deputy Ivan Picota of the National Assembly of Panama.

Recovery of natural spaces

On April 20, the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology (UMECIT), Vía Venetto’s headquarters, opened its doors to the Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth, who gave a talk of raising awareness among 30 students about the articles and postulates reflected in the document of the Proclamation.

Also, on April 22, the Activists for Peace participated in a day of cleaning the mangrove protected area of old Panama, organized by the Ministry of Environment. This activity was supported by the Mayor's Office and more than 400 volunteers.

Mangroves of Panama

botellas en bosque

As a result of the work, 20 tons of garbage was collected. The wastes that are thrown to the rivers arrive at the sea and are caught by the mangroves; this brings as a consequence the contamination of the ecosystem of diverse aquatic animals.

Mangrove areas are rapidly declining in almost all regions of the planet because of the way different human activities develop. That is why the GEAP through citizen participation seeks to protect and preserve the species of flora and fauna of Mother Earth.


access_time Saturday, April 22, 2017