OAS is one hundred percent committed to building peace: Almagro in CUMIPAZ 2016Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

OAS is one hundred percent committed to building peace: Almagro in CUMIPAZ 2016

Parlamentary Session / Paraguay


Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro Lemes, participated in the opening of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session of the Peace Integration Summit, CUMIPAZ 2016 - Paraguay. In his speech, he spoke about the work developed by the Organization towards the progress of the hemisphere. "The OAS is one hundred percent committed to the construction of peace," said Almagro.

In turn, he said: "In America we have a common platform that is simultaneously our best foundation: Peace; a cornerstone upon which we rest our four pillars: democracy, human rights, security and integral development ".

In his speech, he explained that one of the OAS work actions is to "never shield away from the problems which arise in the hemisphere". Based on this, he explained the position and participation of the Organization on issues such as the peace process in Colombia and the political-social situation of Venezuela.

In relation to the established goals he stated that "inclusion is a pending issue in our continent." Dr. Luis Almagro Lemes


Luis Leonardo Almagro Lemes
Secretary General of the OAS


The secretary ensures that if the commitment for peace is achieved, the defense of the democracy and human rights, with the 2030 Agenda, to end social exclusion in the Americas, the OAS will get closer to the real problems of the people and will rise to the challengews of the XXI century.

Almagro emphasized on, among other things, the importance that citizens have today when consolidating democracy and peace in the continent, in this regard, he invited the authorities and personalities present in CUMIPAZ 2016 to promote the objectives mentioned above.

With the participation of the Secretary General of the OAS the presentations and workshops of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session of CUMIPAZ 2016 were initiated, at the National Congress of Paraguay. 




CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit