A glimpse towards global and integral governance: International SummitGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

A glimpse towards global and integral governance: International Summit

Parlamentary Session / Paraguay

Diplomatic, Parliamentary, and Political Session / Table 1


A glimpse towards global and integral governance: International Summit

The Honorable National Congress of Paraguay, the Peace Integration Summit CUMIPAZ 2016, created a space of dialogue to develop and strengthen the inter-institutional agreements for progress, peace and happiness of the human being and of the nations during the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session.

Diplomats, academic, political, and parliamentary authorities from Latin America presented proposals focused on the promotion of governmental agreements, linked to a perspective of peace; based on the respect of life, human dignity and Mother Earth.

This first work table of the session centered its topic on: “Towards the construction of a global and integrating governing alliance for Human Rights and of Mother Earth”.

The lecturers of this first table were:

  • Congresswoman Olga Ferreira; president of the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay;
  • National senator of the Legislative Assembly of Bolivia, Homer Menacho;
  • Vice Minister of the Presidency of Public Affairs of Costa Rica, Luis Paulino Mora;
  • Congressman Andres Emmanuel Bautista, from the Commission of Human Development of the Dominican Republic.

Human dignity: the foundation

With the topic: “The evolution of the organized civil society and its participation in the universal agenda for Human Rights and the rights of Mother Earth”, congresswoman Ferreira highlighted the importance of these transverse topics, like democracy and the environment. She also spoke on the topic of respect for life and human dignity as the main right of the individual.

“Human dignity is above positivists perspectives and because of it no one can legitimately prevent others from enjoying their rights”, he stated.

Activism for urgent solutions

On his part, vice minister Luis Mora from Costa Rica spoke of “International and Environmental Activism”, a topic where he stressed the necessity to promote environmental actions at every level. He mentioned that the Paris Agreement created a response for the international community to raise awareness on the threat of climate change.

“The global character of climate change demands the largest possible cooperation of all countries and their participation in an effective and appropriate international response aimed at accelerating the reduction of global emissions of greenhouse gases”, he said.

Fundamental freedoms

Bolivian senator, Homer Menacho, centered his topic on the recognition of man’s fundamental freedoms, based on the capacity to satisfy basic needs and the integral development of the individual. The title of his lecture was: “The wellbeing of the human being: an integral concept of development, democracy and human rights”.

“We cannot talk about social wellbeing or look for a better way of life for our fellow citizens, if we do not talk about a transverse development; it is not only to speak of economic growth, we have to think about development, health, education, basic sanitation… satisfy basic needs”, he stated.
Integration for development

Through the topic Social policy, the civil society and the private sector united for the strengthening of human development”, Dominican congressman, Andres Bautista, during CUMIPAZ, urged the union of political leaders, government, academic and business authorities to boost development.

“This is one of those moments when we need to take advantage and unite forces, exchange ideas in favor of the development of our countries and therefore of world peace”, he expressed.

The conclusions of the table coincided with the need of contributing, securing and defending peace as an integral vision that provides dialogue, respect, plurality and a sustainable development.

At the end of the lectures, a questions and answers segment was opened. Later on, the proposals of those work tables were presented during the conclusions of the session.


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit