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New public policies for the construction of world peace

Parlamentary Session / Guatemala
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The High Commissioner of Texas, United States, Tommy Calvert, was in charge of moderating the 3rd panel of the Diplomatic Session of CUMIPAZ 2018, formed by Mattanya Cohen, Ambassador of Israel; Daniel Cahill, Debbie Rodella and Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, deputies of the United States.

The speakers developed their presentations under the theme: Advances in public policies on the defense of Human Rights and the Rights of Mother Earth.

Train the trainers

Embajador de Israel

"The impact of international cooperation in the strengthening of democracy and human rights," was the theme presented by Mattanya Cohen, Israel's ambassador to Guatemala.

In his presentation, Cohen presented the Israeli Agency for International Cooperation for Development (MASHAV), which since its creation in 1958 has trained almost 300,000 thousand professionals from around the world.

This Technical Cooperation Agency works in five different languages ​​and trains in topics such as agriculture, irrigation, water management, education, health, rural development, economic development, tourism, women's empowerment, citizen security, renewable energies, entrepreneurial entrepreneurship, innovation and much more.

One of the purposes of MASHAV is that the trainees who are trained in Israel return to their countries to teach other, especially those who do not have the economic possibility to go to Israel. His philosophy is: "train the trainers".

Education as a basis for development

Daniel Cahill

Daniel Cahill, deputy member of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, United States, based his lecture on the theme "The economic development of nations, based on the defense of human rights and Mother Earth."

Cahill said that in the state of Massachusetts they invest in people. It is the number one state in the United States that invests in education. The deputy mentioned: It's simple, it's difficult, but it's simple, if you educate your people, if you enrich your people, if you give them an opportunity to grow, to work. "

On the other hand, the deputy member of the House of Representatives of New Mexico, United States, Debbie Rodella, addressed the theme "Inclusive public policies, which promote the well-being of the human being in harmony with the Sustainable Development Goals".

In her presentation, she showed that sustainable development policies should be considered in three areas: Economic development of environmental prevention, reparation in healthy communities and education.

"The state where I come from experiences a high rate of violence; Now we understand that the best way to combat violence is not by enacting stronger laws, but by giving young people better education and opportunities, "said Rodella.


Debbie A. Rodella
Member of the House of Representatives of New Mexico. (U.S)

The role of women with peace

Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, member of the House of Representatives of Texas, United States, spoke on "The role of women in the defense and promotion of Human Rights."

She commented in her presentation that the role that women have with peace is to educate youth so that they understand the values ​​that are needed for progress.

"The situation of the human race is not a matter for women, we must be respectful because we have the power to change generations," Gervin-Hawkins concluded.


Barbara Gervin-Hawkins
Member of the House of Representatives of Texas. (U.S)


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