International reunion of politicians and parliamentarians to work for a Sustainable DevelopmentGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

International reunion of politicians and parliamentarians to work for a Sustainable Development

Parlamentary Session / Paraguay


“Sustainable Development beyond the 2030 UN Agenda” was the central topic of this second work table of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session of the Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ 2016), to establish a transforming vision in society, towards the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the nations.

It was held with the participation of four lecturers from Uruguay, United States, Guatemala and Paraguay. The moderator was Congressman Jose Maria Ibañez, President of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies from Paraguay.

The former president of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle spoke on the topic: “Intergenerational contributions for a Sustainable Development: The experiences of former presidents and young parliamentarians to construct the future of our nations.”

The politician stated that government entities can influence so that Sustainable Development is possible.

“We can reach a Sustainable Development by approving laws, decrees, and formulating policies, where doing so is inevitable through the educational system, the lessons of what not to do to conserve nature should be in the curriculums”, he said.
Luis Alberto Lacalle
Former President of Uruguay

On her part, Iris Martinez, senator of Chicago, Illinois, USA, stated in her lecture “Active and leading contributions from a woman’s point of view, for a Sustainable Development and the construction of integral peace and happiness. Analysis of success and global projection stories.”

The senator also highlighted the importance that the inclusion of women in leading positions have to work for peace, health and the environment.

She spoke of her experience during the first edition of CUMIPAZ (Chile 2015), and said that since then, she has supported different initiatives to prevent the contamination of bodies and water; at the same time, she has studied laws to establish the correct management of dangerous waste. 

“I am positive that by exchanging these ideas here, we will have a cleaner and more sustainable world”, she expressed.

The topic: “Public policies and their challenges to reduce poverty and inequality in the Era of Sustainable Development” was given by the president of the Climatic Change Commission of the Congress of Guatemala, Congressman Raul Romero Segura.

He stated that if we have public policies and a commitment from the State, the true construction of peace can be achieved, along with the satisfaction of the differences and difficulties of the countries.

“When we construct social peace, individual peace and national peace, we can begin to construct a supranational peace”, he said.
Finally, Congressman Jose Maria Ibañez, spoke on the topic: “Parliamentary Diplomacy and its progress in international affairs for the strengthening of peace and a Sustainable Development”.
In his lecture, he expressed the need that nations have to acquire the commitment for the construction of peace.
“Every citizen of the world, the citizens of our countries, have the obligation to conserve peace in our towns, in our neighborhoods, in our communities and in the world”.
José María Ibáñez Benítez
Deputy of the National Congress and president of the Committee on Foreign Relations - Paraguay
With the objective of construction a space of discussion and dialogue for the development and strengthening of different proposals and projects, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) called upon legislators form different countries to CUMIPAZ 2016 for the analysis of these topics, recognizing the role of the States for the solidification of the integral peace and happiness of the human being and of the nations.


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