Forging integral peace: CUMIPAZ presents Declaration Panama 2017Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Forging integral peace: CUMIPAZ presents Declaration Panama 2017

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The Declaration of the Peace Integration Summit, CUMIPAZ 2017-Panama, was presented at the headquarters of the Latin American Parliament, the result of a week of work for the integral peace, security and sustainability of humanity and Mother Earth.

This is the first document of the Official Declaration, which summarizes the conclusions based on the proposals, contributions, approaches and analysis generated in the five working sessions.

Diplomats, parliamentarians, government leaders, ministers, magistrates, judges, prosecutors, human rights defenders, opinion leaders, scientists, researchers, academics, professors, indigenous representatives, entrepreneurs and environmentalists were summoned from different countries, for the development of the sessions.

The Declaration was read by the Director General of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, Gabriela Lara, in a plenary session in the Parlatino Chamber.

The consensus document of proposals will be finalized and verified for the official presentation of the Declaration CUMIPAZ 2017, which becomes a commitment of work and a guide of actions with monitoring and timely evaluation; in addition, it will be socialized before different national and international organizations. These were the sessions and part of the proposals:

1. Science for the preservation of the life of Mother Earth and of the human being.

• Study the creation and promotion of the "Handbook of the good inhabitant of Mother Earth", where it is urged to take responsibility for contributing to the protection of all systems on the planet; and to consider scientific and technological proposals based on the respect and harmony of indigenous ancestral knowledge.

• Change the global energy paradigm towards a model for the production and use of low-carbon energy, which will halt global warming and alleviate others of the environmental impacts produced in the generation of electricity.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Sustainable Development.

• Strengthen the formation of ethical and voluntary leaders through the ARSEPAZ alliance, to continue the proposed CSR projects, in particular those that have to do with the care of our Mother Earth and its resources, and with the mitigation of the causes and effects of climate change.

• Promote and encourage, through ARSEPAZ, business meetings, workshops and seminars, to generate knowledge on social responsibility, starting within the same allied companies and the communities where they operate, so that they become interest groups under a collaborative work scheme.

3. Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Policy. Part of the analysis:

• Recognize that as an organized civil society, we must work with our governments and parliaments on the importance of preserving transparency in electoral processes and fostering a culture against corruption.

• Generate common rules of coexistence based on morality and ethics, which are required (in addition to the institutional framework of the countries) to guarantee the common welfare in our societies and the integral development of the human being and Mother Earth.

4. Educational. Among the contributions:

• Promote in universities the incorporation of the Chair for Peace, in the search for a society where justice, equity, freedom, knowledge and happiness of the human being are the driving factors of their existence.

• Encourage the development of effective, efficient and inclusive educational public policies that promote solidarity and human dignity.

5. Justice and Democracy Session. Among the proposals:

• Advance the administrative, technical and operational organization of the Human Rights Office of the GEAP to comply with the promotion and protection of human rights, assist victims and fulfill the universal ideals of human dignity.

• Become aware of the need to detect to prevent and denounce the punishment of human rights violations before the international community and competent authorities. We are pleased to note that the GEAP creates the Genocide Disclosure and Investigation Program (PRODIG).


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