The Directorate General of the Bachelors College of Zacatecas signs a cooperation agreement

The Directorate General of the Bachelors College of Zacatecas signs a cooperation agreement

Mexico | 01.06.2016
The Directorate General of the Bachelors College of Zacatecas signs a cooperation agreementGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

40 campuses of the Mexican region received an education based on principles and values

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) and the Bachelors College of the State of Zacatecas (Cobaez), on June 1, 2016 signed an agreement of cooperation and shared responsibility for education based on principles and values.

With the aim of strengthening the integral development of the human being and achieve a holistic education, at the headquarters of Cobaez, representatives of the GEAP and this public body met to take this important step that will benefit thousands of students from Zacatecas.

Among those who attended were: Dr. Ramiro Torres, director of the Meritorious Normal Manuel Avila Camacho School and Professor Jose Medellin, academic assistant principal; as well as Professor Joel Diaz, director of the Technical High School # 67 Luis de la Rosa Oteyza.

Also participating in the agreement was Ms. Josefina Martinez, academic director of Cobaez; Ms. Laura Davila, managing director of Cobaez; Cony Zarzosa, Head of the Legal Unit of Cobaez.

Also, Mr. Juan Huizar, private secretary to the Director General of Cobaez; Dr. Francisco Guerra, national coordinator of the GEAP and Eulogio Ayala, coordinator of the GEAP in the state of Zacatecas.

The Cobaez is a public agency of Higher Secondary Education that has 40 campuses in Zacatecas. It is an educational institution with academic leadership and social prestige, recognized for their quality, with teachers trained to meet the challenges of student training.

Professor Rafael Sánchez, general director of Cobaez, during the ceremony said that signing the agreement will benefit students, faculty and staff members of each Bachelors College in this region.

Sanchez told the representatives of the GEAP:

"We need to support our youth and teachers so they can join and work on the projects that you are offering us, being of benefit, since they promote principles and values ​​that are focused primarily on a culture of peace for the human being; the same that are needed at a global, national, state and municipal level, where our youths develop daily activities which benefit individuals".

Guerra expressed appreciation on behalf of Dr. William Soto Santiago, CEO of the GEAP, for the signing of the agreement, adding that the GEAP aims to reach all levels of education in order to achieve the formation of human integrity.

The results obtained during the implementation of GEAP programs in different institutions in the country have been very satisfactory, and the signing of this agreement will continue to add more schools; therefore, younger Mexicans will receive an education for peace.

"The seed of Peace is in our hands to be sowed in the human heart, to germinate and produce fruits of love, justice and therefore peace and happiness in present and future generations." -Dr. William Soto Santiago. Global Ambassador of Peace.