Action Fields

The ALIUP, while seeking the fulfillment of their goals, develops activities in five action fields related to the very areas of the Higher Education field, which are: Institutional, Professor, Student, University Extension, and Investigation.



This action field proposes to generate spaces of dialogue and reflection on the need of an integral education at a university level and the internationalization of Higher Education through the incorporation of a Network of ALIUP members. 


Promote international university integration and the exchange of experiences in innovative educational practices, aimed at the promotion of an integral education based on principles and values that contribute to the peace and happiness of the Human Being.



Within this component, the training of teachers and their mobility among members of the Network is promoted in order to encourage the exchange of competences, didactic and pedagogical methodologies in themes related to a Culture of Peace, Transformational Leadership, Social Justice, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development.


Sensitize and contribute towards the preparation of university professors as  cultural axiological promoters of social transformations, through training in Education for Peace.



This field of action encourages the formation of university students, through youth leader workshops, chairs on peace promotion, as well as graduates, specialization, masters and doctorates in Leadership, Culture of Peace, Human Rights and Sustainable Development.


  • To train the integral human being to contributes to the construction of a culture of peace in society and in the world through an educational program of higher education based on principles, values and respect for human rights; forming transformational leaders that promote the strengthening of peace and happiness of the human being, in harmony with Mother Earth.
  • Develop leadership skills in students, as promoters of social transformation, through an integral educational process oriented to the culture of peace and volunteers.
  • Deepen the significant inherent knowledge in a culture of peace, with an approach based on interculturality through the internationalization of education.

* See Chair for Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being



In this field, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace offers its programs, projects and campaigns, with which the student community can contribute to solving the problems and needs demanded by their social environment.


Contribute to the university extension work in the institutions of higher education through the programs and projects the the GEAP carries out.

  • Integral Program Integral: Life is in the Blood (PEC LIFE, blood drive campaigns).
  • International Program Children of Mother Earth
  • Program Educating to Remember
  • Program Justice for Peace
  • Program CSR
  • Program The Power of Music for the Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being



This component pretends to share experiences and knowledge linked to an Education for Peace 


Promote and joint investigation and publication of bibliographic reference materials that function as a tool in the area of education in values, education for peace, sustainable development, human rights, and the rights of Mother Earth.