Tommy Calvert

High Commissioner of the County of Texas (United States)

TOMMY CALVERT is the Bexar County Commissioner for Precinct 4, the youngest and first African-American county commissioner in more than 170 years in the history of Bexar County.

He holds a BA in International Relations from Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Calvert's public affairs work began in 1998 when he served as an assistant to the City Council of San Antonio. His work has led him to positions in the Texas House of Representatives, as well as to the United States Congress, where he served as director of special projects for the president of the Hispanic Caucus Congress.

In addition, Calvert has advised San Antonio's municipal water suppliers, numerous elected officials, business leaders, and executive level educators from public and private schools.

Calvert started his own public relations and public affairs company, Calvert International Consulting (CIC), in 2002. For the past 16 years, CIC has been a trusted advisor to public sector leaders.

For two years, Calvert was the head of external operations of the world's leading anti-slavery and human trafficking organization, the Anti-Slavery American Group. He worked to free and train survivors of slavery and genocide from around the world. He spoke tirelessly throughout the United States to encourage Americans, the press and politicians to end contemporary slavery and genocide.

San Antonio Community Radio - KROV 91.7-HD2 FM - was founded in 2008 by Calvert, in association with the University of Trinidad, as a non-profit radio station.

As the county commissioner, Calvert will make public safety a priority by working with neighboring associations, businesses, sheriffs and sheriffs to increase the number of patrols, as well as build a sheriff substation on the northeast side.

Calvert will work with the Commissioner's Court to approve a policy of hiring people from the neighborhoods where it builds infrastructure. He also has a plan to help create jobs within precinct 4.


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