Tania Martínez

Indigenous Mixe, Youth Award. (Mexico)

TANIA MARTÍNEZ, Mixe Indigenous People - Mexico, is a researcher and PhD student at Wageningen University, the Netherlands.
She is currently a PhD candidate at the KTI, Wageningen School of Social Sciences. With the Theme: "Mechanisms of inclusion and / or social exclusion in technological interventions in agriculture: The case of the MasAgro project in Mexico. 10 years of experience in agricultural research, rural development and extension. "
Martínez is a specialist in irrigation and integral use of water, reuse of wastewater in agriculture and biofuel; and carries out an intense work of social activism in collaboration with different NGOs and social actors.
She is a guest lecturer in different international events, disseminating her research and the contribution of indigenous ancestral knowledge for the development of new technologies in the area of agriculture and soil conservation.
She was part of the winning team of the contest organized within the framework of the Fulbright Enrichment Seminar "From Lab to Maket, greening the planet", Institute of International Education and Department of State of the United States of America.
She was the First Native Scholar of the Fulbright program in Mexico for postgraduate studies, Mexico-E.U.A. She won the Prize for the best article in the category "Agricultural Engineering" in the 4th. International Engineering Conference of the Khon Kaen University, Thailand. In August 2016, she received the National Youth Award, an academic achievement granted by the Mexican government, Mexico.


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