Tamara Kolangui Nisanof

Chair Director Shimon Peres for Peace, Anáhuac México University

Master in Comparative Law

Tamara Kolangui occupies the position of director of the Shimon Peres School for Peace at the University of Anahuac. She graduated from this same university with the degree in Law (1986), and from the University of San Diego with a Master’s degree in Comparative Law (1988-1990).

Kolangui was a candidate for the PhD of Interdisciplinary Research, given by the University of Anahuac. She attended the Seminar on Tolerance and Discrimination, dicated by Facing History and Ourselves, as well as the Seminar about Tools and Negotiation Techniques of Harvard.

She is co-founder and director of the magazine Luris Tantum of the Faculty of Law of the University of Anahuac, and professor of Professional Ethics for 6 years in the same institution. She also served as the editorial coordinator of the books: Architects of Peace, and Albert Einstein, behind the image.

She served as a member of the general committee of the Mexican Association of Friends of the Jewish University of Jerusalem (2000-2010); likewise, in the foundation Architects for Peace in the US, and in the Educational Association against Prejudice and Discrimination.

Tamara Kolangui, received the Anahuac Generation Medal 2008, for the work done in the Faculty of Law in favor of a culture of peace, through the Shimon Peres School for Peace. She is the author of several articles on culture of peace and education for peace, and of the book “Tolerance,” for an Education for Peace, guides for teachers. Furthermore, she is co-author of the Education for Peace collection.

Currently she is the editorial director of the “Businesses for Peace,” collection, a project that is carried out in the IDEA & IDEARSE Center, a center for development in corporate social responsibility of the Anahuac University. In the same way, she is editorial director of the publication of Business Practices for the Social Prevention of Violence and Crime, a project that she carries out with the Government Secretary (collections in process).  


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