Sonia Elizabeth

Sonia Elizabeth Cortéz de Madríz

Attorney General - El Salvador

Degree in Legal Sciences, Attorney and Notary Public

Degree in Legal Sciences, Attorney and Notary Public, judicial collaborator of the Second and Third Criminal Courts of El Salvador; Public defender assigned to different courts; General coordinator of Defenders of the Republic.

She served as an auditor attached to the Fifth Criminal Court; Served as head of the Judicial Audit Department; Also as coordinator in the Area of ​​Investigation and Control of Judges of Peace, in the Department of Judicial Investigation.

Collaborated with the assistance project of the Supreme Court of Justice; And was deputy magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice.

She held positions as deputy magistrate of the Chamber of the Third Section of the Center; Prosecutor of the Evangelical University; President of the NGO Asociación Salvadoreña de Extensionistas Empresariales del Incae (ASEI); And president of the Association of Lawyers of El Salvador.

Currently, she was elected as Attorney General of the Republic of El Salvador, and during her administration has as a goal to achieve rapprochement with the population and protect women, the elderly and children.


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