Oscar Hugo López Rivas

Minister of Education (Guatemala)

He has a PhD in Education from La Salle University, Costa Rica; postgraduate in Environmental Education (Specialization), at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC) (2,000-2,001); Degree in Pedagogy and Education Sciences, from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala (1990-1999), among other academic degrees.
Other studies conducted by Oscar H. López include; Training for teachers in Indigenous Areas of Central America, taught by the International Training Center A. Ofri, Jerusalem, Israel. (2011); University of Tsukuba, Tokyo, Japan Formation Center, Course Region Focused; Training Course at Elementary School, University of Tsukuba; Ibaraki Teacher, Training Center and related organizations. (2007).
The professional experience of Oscar H. López R. is mentioned below: director of the Institute of Educational Research of the School of Training of Teachers of Secondary Education of the USAC. (September 2014 to January 2015). Associate Professor IX of the School of Training of Teachers of Secondary Education. 21 years of teaching experience. Member of the Technical Council. Academic Program for Professional Development of Teachers (PADEP / D). (July 2009 to date).
He also served as General Coordinator of the Academic Program for Teacher Training PADEP / D. (USAC-MINEDUC- 2009-2014); Director of the Teacher Training School of Secondary Education (EFPEM) on two occasions: 2006-2010 and 2011-2014, among others.
Part of his extracurricular training includes participation in research, congress, seminars, workshops and debates, among other activities in Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Portugal, United States, Turkey, Peru, Mexico, Barcelona, Spain; Cuba, Venezuela, Costa Rica, South Korea, El Salvador, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Panama, Panama and Nicaragua.


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