Julio César Pineda

Internationalist and Diplomat from Venezuela

Lawyer and Doctor in Law and International Relations.

Lawyer and Doctor in Law and International Relations. Diplomat of career for more than 30 years, practicing as Ambassador of Venezuela in Libya, North Korea and Kuwait.

Member of the International Parliament for Security and Peace.

Lecturer, teacher and writer. Conductor of the TV program "Compass International" transmitted daily by Globovision news channel.



Diplomatic and Parliamentary Session

Master of ceremonies in the CUMIPAZ Installation Act.

Moderator during the Judicial Session’s First Panel: "The crime of Genocide as a capital crime".

Moderator of questions and answers of the Judicial Session.

Presented the results of tables I, II, III and IV of the Education Session.

Moderator during the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Policy Session of the First Panel - Topic: "The challenge of the Legislative Power in the promotion of laws aimed towards social good, sustainable development and protection of the environment":

He presented the conclusions of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session.



Diplomatic and Parliamentary Session


Diplomatic and Parliamentary Session