José Andrés Arocena

Deputy of Uruguay

Founder and first president of Grupo Crea Ganaderos de Florida and founder of the Chamber of Tourism

After high school, he graduated from the School of Winemaking (UTU, in the Colorado area, Department of Canelones) in 1986 and worked in Vitícola Uruguaya and Bodega La Cruz.

In 2003, he was in charge of sales and technical service for the sawmills Wood Mizer, of the company Spezial S.A.

FHe was the founder and first president of the Grupo Creadaderos of Florida; He has been a member of the Board of Uruguayan Federation of Crea- Fucrea Group; Member of the MEVIR LA CRUZ Commission and founder of the Florida Chamber of Tourism.

In the national elections of 2009,he accompanied the current Intendant of Florida, Carlos Enciso, in the list of the traditional Grouping Manuel Oribe, occupying the second place of the Deputation.

In July 2009 - after the departmental elections in which Mr. Carlos Enciso was elected as Intendant, he became a permanent member of Florida's deputy bank, and was appointed as a member of the following House Committees Of Deputies:

- Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment

- Special Commission for Sport; Of which he is currently President.

- Special Committee of the World Bank Grant Agreement

- Drugs and Addictions

He also integrates the following Interparliamentary Friendship Groups:

-Uruguay-People's Republic of China



During the years of work as Deputy, he has presented several bills, written statements and requests for reports mainly on matters directly related to his Department, specifically to topics from each of the towns and cities of Florida.




Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session

He Intervened during the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session in the First Panel - Theme: "The fundamental principles to achieve the happiness of the human being: Respect and protection of Human Rights and Mother Earth."