Javier Fernández Aguado

Doctor in economics, winner of the National J. A. Artigas Award, President of MindValue, coaching for Senior Management. (Spain)

JAVIER FERNÁNDEZ AGUADO is president of MindValue and director of the Management Chair of the la Caixa Banking Foundation at IE Business School.
Doctor in CC.EE. and EE by the Complutense University (1996) (national prize J.A. Artigas of Social Sciences), has published sixty books on Government of Organizations and Business Creation (half of them in collaboration).
His biography appears in the book Great Creators in the History of Management (Ariel), by José Luis García Ruiz. That analyzes the 91 most outstanding thinkers in Management worldwide.
Fernández Aguado is mentioned in all the books that have been written about Spanish-speaking management authors, among them: Forjadores de Líderes, by Javier Andreu (UNED); Who's who in the Management Español, by Francisco Alcaide (Nebrija). In key of talent, Antonio Pamos.
He has received, among other awards, the award for Best Senior Management Advisor and Lecturer, in 2014. In 2015, the Micro Gold Award for Best Economy and Business Lecturer. In 2016, the prize for creating value in senior management projects (Executives).
Also, in 2017, he received the Autoritas del Management award (ECOFIN). In 2018, the CEDERED Award "Lighthouse for Leaders 'José María López Puertas' for the Best Spanish Language Leadership Lecturer".
In February 2010, AEFOL promoted an International Symposium on the thinking of Javier Fernández Aguado. It was attended by more than 600 professionals from twelve countries in Europe and America.


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