Herminio Nevárez

Herminio Nevárez

CEO and founder of the International Networkers Team (INT) - Puerto Rico

Author of the "Guide to Success"

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine graduated from the Autonomous University of the Dominican Republic. He specialized in the industry of network marketing; Author of the "Guide to Success" (educational system for professionals in network marketing), translated into more than 10 languages.

Through this book, he has shown thousands of families and independent entrepreneurs from North, Central, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, how to produce a self-sustaining economy, and how to participate in the new economy.
On December 19, 2015, the Government of Washington, Maryland, Virginia, together with the Latin American Embassies, awarded him the Latino Leaderships Award 2015, as Business Person of the Year, for his contribution to society and the training of professionals..
In CUMIPAZ-2016 he will give the conference: Self-sustaining Economy within the session Corporate Social Responsibility.


CSR Session

He gave during the CSR session his presentation: "Self-sustainable economy".