Franz Freudenthal

Scientist, Cardiologist. Founder of Kardiozentrum (Bolivia)

He is a pediatric cardiologist, scientist, winner of the Science and Technology category of the 2014 Innovators of America Award. Freudenthal has focused his career and his life to create innovative solutions to cure congenital heart diseases and save millions of lives.
For this reason, in 2003, he founded Kardiozentrum, a center for the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart diseases. He also created the company PFM S.R.L Bolivia, dedicated to designing and manufacturing low-cost occlusion devices, accessible to low-income families.
These are versatile and safe release devices during the patient intervention process, which allows doctors to implant and reposition them as many times as necessary until their perfect position.
Freudenthal uses an intelligent metal originally developed by the US military, nitinol, and creates with it tiny implants, so sophisticated and delicate that they can only be made by hand, using traditional ancestral techniques from the indigenous Aymara community of their country.


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