Esmérita Sánchez de Da Silva

Deputy of Paraguay

Graduate in Obstetrics and Nursing, Specialized in Health Services Management licensed in Obstetrics - Universidad Andrés Barbero Institute - U.N.A.

Licensed in Nursing - Universidad Andrés Barbero Institute - U.N.A.

Specialization in Health Services Management

Private University of Santa Clara - Caaguazú. Position Founder. From-To 2009-2009

Institution International Plan. Position or function Consultancy - Trainer. From-Until 2000 - 2012

Institution Dequeni Foundation. Position or Function Trainer.


CUMIPAZ - Chile (2015):

Participated in the first working session of the Education Session with the theme "Higher Education and the Challenge of Quality Assurance in the Development of Professional Competences in the 21st Century."

She spoke during the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session in the Conversation - Topic: "Political participation of women in the States for the strengthening of Peace and the integral happiness of the human being and nations."