Duberlí Apolinar Rodríguez Tineo

Supreme Judge of the Judicial Power. (Peru)

Ambassador to the OAS
DUBERLÍ APOLINAR RODRIGUEZ TINEO is Supreme Judge of the Judicial Power, Peru.
He is currently Goodwill Ambassador of the Organization of American States for Environmental Justice, granted by the Secretary General of the OAS.
He serves as president of the National Commission for Environmental Management of the Judiciary; Supreme supreme judge of the Supreme Court of Justice of Peru, president of the First Chamber of Constitutional and Social Transitional Law of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic.
He holds a Master's degree in Criminal Sciences from the Pedro Ruiz Gallo University; PhD studies at the University of Alicante of Spain.
He teaches in the post-graduate unit of various public and private universities, and in the Academy of the Magistracy, in the courses of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Environmental Law and Legal Pluralism.
Former President of the Judicial Power and of the Supreme Court of Justice of Peru, Former President of the Board of Directors of the Academy of the Judiciary.


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