Patricia León | CSR and Sustainable Business Models: A step towards the Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth
Ingeniera Patricia León

Patricia León | CSR and Sustainable Business Models: A step towards the Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth


Well, I want to thank everyone for this participation and I really feel very happy every time I come to these summits; and thanks to Dr. Soto because he affirms the work philosophy that we have of Social Responsibility and what we have as an obligation to Mother Nature.

We have dedicated ourselves to work with clean technologies, based on what the self-cleaning of Mother Earth is, and how we, specifically, work with toxic and dangerous sludge and wastewater.

As many will know, in this issue of sludge, wastewater, toxic, and dangerous waste, there has always been a resistance from the community; and working with the rights of Mother Earth, with the balance it has for self-cleaning, it is very simple to start work on Corporate Social Responsibility, which is what we did initially.

Biolodos has a collection center where it helps with the sustainability of companies, which means that all the toxic and dangerous sludge that companies have are brought there and treated, as well as the wastewater; and not only treated but, as has been mentioned regarding this issue, it is to return to Mother Nature her products as she has let us borrow them.

We have everything from Mother Nature, right? All the industry, metals, the water, the oxygen.

Dr. Kenneth said that the carbon dioxide was badly located; the work we do to decontaminate all this is with artificial wetlands, I do not know if anyone knows what it is, but it is really using the self-cleaning power of nature.

And in the same way this makes us get closer to the communities, that we get closer; we started with a job, as we said, internal in our company which is quality of life first, that our people have quality of life.

Many times there exists a concept that, “Because I do not have money, I have to live among garbage and wastewater”; and in countries like ours, it is very easy to have a beautiful, open life in the countryside with production.

In our company we started with this and in the same way we transmitted it to the communities; and this is how, at places where we arrived, we try to make the community fall in love with the natural systems. I think it is the only way to make them feel they are part of them; it has been a difficult task.

But when I see that there are so many participants who are working in the same direction, I feel very happy; because there are times when one faints and says: "We are crazy or we are in a system where no, it does not work," right?

But with all of you I see that it is possible, that we can, that if we can get ahead and make an environmental conscience: Take care of our Mother Nature, that from her we receive absolutely everything.


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