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Zarazua: “Social responsibility is everyone’s task”

CSR Session / Guatemala
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The opening act of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Session for Sustainable Development of the 2018 Peace Integration Summit CUMIPAZ , was joined by Gloria Esperanza del Carmen Zarazúa, Vice Minister of Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MIPYME) of the Ministry of Economy of Guatemala. 

After welcoming all national and foreign guests to Guatemala, the Deputy Minister began her speech by defining that social responsibility is the responsibility of everyone, not just the business sector. He said that the Government, through the Katún 2032 Plan, laid out a route for the development of Guatemala to guarantee the well-being of the population.

Zarazúa commented that sustainable development is one of the five priorities of the general policy of the Government of the President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales.

"Its main purpose is to direct efforts in the search for economic, social and environmental sustainability for the development of the country; that is why we recognize the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for the sustainable development of our Guatemala, "she said.
Gloria Esperanza del Carmen Zarazúa Sesam
Deputy Minister of Economy. (Guatemala)

Currently, the Ministry of Ecomony of Guatemala strengthens competencies and capacities through training and technical assistance in the micro, small and medium venture sector with the purpose of contributing to the economic growth of the communities.

This action is carried out through the formation of associative organizations, promotion of undertakings, insertion into the labor market and facilitation of tools that promote innovation, improvement of quality and competitiveness of products and services.

The ventures that are compatible with the environment and the care of natural resources are in accordance with economic policy, as is the case of the promotion of the tourism sector chain.

Women as protagonists of family development

Deputy Minister Zarazúa said in her speech that women are protagonists of family development sustainability.
"In many cases they are the only source of income and the head of the family, so we invest in the economic empowerment of women, which contributes to the search for gender equality, the eradication of poverty and inclusive economic growth in the country,” he said.
Gloria Esperanza del Carmen Zarazúa Sesam
Deputy Minister of Economy. (Guatemala)

The project Tejiendo Alimentos has a strategy of productive linkages and strategic alliances that support municipalities with higher rates of malnutrition and promotes products in local and international markets.

Likewise, a strategy for financial inclusion is developed, consisting of four transversal axes: financial education, protection to users of financial services, communication and adherence to the entrepreneurship and business development.

The Ministry of Economy through this strategy is intended to help families in poverty who are engaged in informal or unstable economic activities, they can access credits and formal financial services, so they can achieve a better quality of life, she assured.


Sustainable development

Sector Mipyme

In his speech, Zarazúa mentioned that according to data compiled by the OIPMIPME in 2015, the business park of Guatemala amounted to 780,313 companies of which 88.73% correspond to microenterprise, 9% to small companies and 1% to the median company.

For this reason, the Government of Guatemala, in coordination with the Ministry of Economy, strengthens public policy to promote the development of MSMEs and incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility.

The strength of the country is achieved through diversity, multiculturalism and talent of its citizens, and by uniting such development and inclusion.

"Guatemala is growing and now there are more opportunities for investment. We must generate more economic development with social responsibility, fostering public and private partnerships for the development of our entrepreneurs. "
Zarazúa concluded his speech by inviting attendees to participate in the dialogue tables and forums that will be developed today, where they will obtain new tools that will allow them to generate public policy for the sustainable development of nations.


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