Peru acquires the commit to environmental educationGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Peru acquires the commit to environmental education


Activists for Peace celebrated in educational institutions on June 5th

“There is no peace in a nation if the Human Rights and the Rights of Mother Earth are not respected. And to live in a society where fundamental rights are respected, it is necessary that people be educated for this purpose and work for it.” Global Ambassador of the GEAP, Dr. William Soto.

Focused on the need of education for the respect of the Rights of Mother Earth, the Activists for Peace of Peru developed educational workshops as part of the celebration of World Environment Day, promoted by the International Project of the GEAP “Children of Mother Earth.”

Environmentally, Peru pledged to reduce deforestation to 0% in 2021 as well as that 60% of energy production come from renewable energy; actions that were proposed in the XX Conference of the Parties, in late 2014, to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which was the host country.

On this occasion, Peruvian Activists committed to promoting a culture of sustainable green citizenship, they celebrated on June 5th in education centers of the city of Pucallpa department of Ucayali, with the slogan “Celebrating life with our Mother Earth.”

Educational Institution Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, was one of the places visited by the volunteers of the GEAP, which presented the project “Children of Mother Earth” and imparted topics of awareness about the current state of the Environment and the actions people can make to reverse the damage that has been caused by humanity itself.

Likewise, the film “Home” was projected, a documentary that tells the current situation on Earth and how humanity through its practice has altered its future, in turn it highlights how all organisms and Earth are connected together in a delicate, but essential balance. In this activity, 40 students of the 5th year of high school participated.

Similarly, the Educational Institution Comercio #64, opened its doors to the GEAP to develop an educational session with 80 students of the 2nd year of high school, who were told about the rights that Mother Earth has as a living being, as well as the need for environmental recovery for its preservation and of all of her children; topics framed within the GEAP project.

In both schools students showed their concern about the existing environmental problems and indicated the decision to contribute with daily actions for the recovery of the Environment; also with teachers of these institutions, expressed the desire to participate in future activities that the GEAP promotes in favor of Mother Earth.  


access_time Friday, June 5, 2015