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Panama | Government authorities adopt environmental proposal

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In an event held in the assembly hall of the building of the mayor of Panama, Mayor José Isabel Blandón Figueroa, issued a document stating that the body he represents adopts the Proclamation of the Constitution for the Rights of Mother Earth, presented before this institution by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP).

The protocolary act that took place on June 25, was attended by the Deputy Mayor of the capital district, Raisa Banfield; the national coordinator of GEAP, Ariel Cerrud; and the national vice-coordinator, Yubelly Quiñonez.

The mayor of Panama is committed to promoting measures to encourage in formal and non-formal schools the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being and the preservation of her natural resources.

Likewise, they proposed to carry out a dissemination campaign through the media, in order to ensure that the citizens of the district of Panama behave fraternally with the planet and with the living beings that inhabit her.


Proclamations in favor of Mother Earth

During the month of September, the GEAP received from government authorities two documents that support the Proclamation of the Constitution for the Rights of Mother Earth, in events coordinated by the Government of Panama, the Mayor's Office of La Chorrera and the Municipal Council of the Capital District, where media and members of civil society also participated. The activities were:

On September 6, the governor of the province of Panama, Rafael Pino Pinto and the secretary general, Raúl García, delivered to Ariel Cerrud, national coordinator of the GEAP in Panama, a proclamation that supports the proposal in favor of the planet Earth. Event held at the Palacio de la Gobernación.

Similarly, on September 12, within the framework of the celebration of the 163 Anniversary of the District Foundation of La Chorrera, a protocolary ceremony was held at the Municipal Council, where Mayor Tomás Velásquez presented the document that supports the actions for the restoration of Mother Earth.

The event was attended by the president of the Municipal Council of La Chorrera district, Leopoldo Lee; Yubelly Quiñonez, national vice-coordinator of the GEAP; Gabriela Páez, national promoter of the Program Children of Mother Earth and activists for peace.