Official presentation of CUMIPAZ – 2016 before the Diplomatic Corps of ParaguayGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Official presentation of CUMIPAZ – 2016 before the Diplomatic Corps of Paraguay


The legislative body of the nation will grant complete institutional support to the development of this international event.

The official presentation of the Peace Integration Summit – CUMIPAZ-2016, was held on June 30th, before ambassadors and other members of the accredited Diplomatic Corps of Paraguay. 

The head of Deputies, Hugo Velazquez, (ANR-Central), deputy Jose Maria Ibañez, (ANR-Central), president of the Foreign Affairs Commission, and GEAP directors, led by their executive president, Dr. William Soto Santiago, were present at the VIP Hall of the Lower Chamber.

CUMIPAZ-2016 will be held at the Honorable National Congress, from October 4th to the 8th, organized by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization, with no religious order or state subsidies, paid for by volunteers.

During this meeting, the objectives of CUMIPAZ were stated and the activity schedule for this second edition (2016) was presented, the topics of the main sessions classified in: justice for peace; public policies and parliamentary initiatives; social responsibility; integral education; environmental legislation and a sustainable development. (See CUMIPAZ-2016 general program)

The participation of important personalities from the international community of America and Europe was announced during the meeting. Among these personalities, the general secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro Lemes, and the president of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Augustino S.L. Ramadhani.

 Paraguay “Global Capital for Peace 2016”

Legislator Hugo Velázquez, as president of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies, stated that the legislative body will grant institutional support to CUMIPAZ-2016.

 “The Chamber of Deputies wishes to be the host of this great encounter of the Peace Integration Summit — CUMIPAZ”, he expressed.

At the same time, Deputy José Ibáñez, highest representative of the Foreign Affairs Commission, stated:



“This is an important event for the country. Apart from making us the Global Capital of Peace 2016, the encounter will promote aspects such as tolerance among peoples; the validity of the democratic state; and the respect of human rights and of the rights of the environment.”

The legislator added that the sessions are more than just simple lectures with recommendations, since they promote the presentation of governmental declarations, legislative projects and the implementation of national programs with altruistic goals.

“The commitment of the Chamber concerning democracy, human rights and the rights of the environment is demonstrated with this. Also, the event is of great importance for the country because we will receive important guests. With this, we will move commerce and speak on the topics that unite us as peoples searching for peace”, he said.

Peace is not a utopia, it is a necessity.

The executive president of the GEAPDr. William Soto Santiago, sustained that peace is not a utopia but a necessity so real that it can be evidenced in humanity’s condition that it is suffering, it is in anguish due to the lack of peace; and this is reflected in the violence, social, political and economic instability on the Earth.” 

As director of CUMIPAZ, he highlighted that we need people with correct actions in the construction of peace, to develop and support initiatives that positively transform society.

“Let’s work towards a commitment of peace for the human family”, he stated. 

The general director of the GEAP, Mrs., Gabriela Lara, indicated that during the Summit, Paraguay will be seen as the Capital for Peace 2016, at a global level. She explained that this international event is an opportunity so that the States can present their projects or initiatives within these topics: judicial, political, parliamentary, educational and corporate.

As general director of CUMIPAZ, she spoke to the ambassadors, asking for their cooperation in promoting this international event, specifically to place the personalities and authorities that will represent each of their countries in the different sessions of the Summit.

The call has been taken to the highest levels of the executive and legislative branches in the host country. During the meeting, Deputy Ibañez mentioned that an invitation had been sent to the President of the Republic, Horacio Cortes, and the Chancellor of the nation, Eladio Loizaga.

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