Indigenous communities gather to celebrate the Feast of the SunGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Indigenous communities gather to celebrate the Feast of the Sun


Quechua de Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun), is one of the most important celebrations that the indigenous people perform because it is a sun worship. In order to carry out this ceremony, different groups met in the Cisneros square of the Alberdi neighborhood.

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) joined the activity under the “Children of Mother Earth” Social Program. The event had as its theme “Sharing and receiving a New Cycle to strengthen the ties of brotherhood and horizontal integration of communities.”

Among the indigenous peoples who participated are:

  • Diaguitas, Wichis, Comechingones
  • Bagualeros Artist Flor de Ceibo
  • Eva Sulca Salteña
  • Sonia Pacheco y her daughter Anahi, (descendant of Wichi, city of Tartagal),
  • Members from the communities Aymara y Matacos, who transmitted their ancestral knowledge through copla and dances.

In harmony with Mother Earth

Sandro Rodriguez, doctor, and poet of Diaguita origin was in charge of the ceremony; Maira Avila and GEAP volunteers were also part of the event who gave an offering which was distributed to all those present during the day.

Likewise, the Activists for Peace gave talks about the “Children of Mother Earth” Program and presented the campaign “I sign for Mother Earth,” a proposal that promotes the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth as a Living Being.

As a result of the talk, 10 virtual signatures were reached in favor of the approval of the new Declaration.

The indigenous peoples have remained for hundreds of years in harmony with Mother Earth, especially those of America. That is why it is very important to rescue that ancestral culture and take it as an example to reconnect human beings with Mother Earth and help her restoration.


access_time Tuesday, June 21, 2016