The GEAP presents the Chair for Peace in the II Assembly of Universities

The GEAP presents the Chair for Peace in the II Assembly of Universities

Mexico | 23.08.2018
The GEAP presents the Chair for Peace in the II Assembly of UniversitiesGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The Chair for Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being was officially presented and delivered to the members of the International Alliance of Universities for Peace, ALIUP, who attended the II Assembly of ALIUP Members, held in Mexico.

Authorities, representatives, and teachers from 140 higher education institutions from Mexico and Latin America attended the Assembly, where Gabriela Lara, general director of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, GEAP, and part of the Chair's team of specialists, presented its thematic contents.

Intervención Gabriela LaraIn her participation, Gabriela Lara announced the objectives, rationale, and methodology, among other aspects, for the implementation of the chair. She also explained the reason for the creation of this educational tool:

"... A profound transformation in education at all levels is necessary and urgent. And as an Alliance of Universities, we want to contribute to this change of paradigm in education, to this transformation, and we do so through the presentation of the Chair for Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being".

On the other hand, Hermelinda Alvarenga, representative of the ALIUP, pointed out that the Chair for the Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being is a reality as a result of the participatory construction by various higher education institutions, attending the different seminars and conferences promoted by the GEAP, through the University Alliance.

In her speech, Alvarenga noted: "... (The Chair) subsequently went through a process of validation, socialization, until today, the day of its launch"

Thematic Units of the Chair for Peace

presentacion de las unidades

To present the content of the thematic units that make up the Chair, a group of experts from different nations participated: Justo Morales, specialist of the MEC and expert in National Curriculum, of Peru, presented Unit I - Culture of Peace and Unit II - The Integral Human Being.

Ellis Gómez, director of Ethnic Minorities, Ministry of the Interior of Colombia, presented Unit III - Positive Transformational Integral Leadership, and Unit IV - Justice and Human Rights: Foundations for Peace.

The presentation of Unit V - Responsible Media Use, and Unit VI - Music for the Peace and Happiness, was in charge of Aurora González, Director of Continuing Education, Professional Studies, and Extended University of the University of Puerto Rico - UPR.

Unit I and II

Justo Morales mentioned that one of the objectives of Unit I - Culture of Peace, is to understand peace and its dimensions as foundations in the construction of harmonious relations between the actors of society, nations, and Mother Earth.

Unit II - The Integral Human Being, explained Morales, is based on The Educational Theory for Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being, which explains that the human being is made up of three components: heart or soul, mind or spirit, and body physical; These constitute its integrity.

Unit III and IV

Ellis Gómez spoke about Unit III - Positive Transformational Integral Leadership, designed to develop leadership in the student, that promotes actions for justice, peace, and happiness of the human being.

With Unit IV- Justice and Human Rights: Fundamentals for Peace, there are spaces for reflection regarding the role of the human being as an actor of society, with the responsibility of imparting social justice, with respect for human rights, indigenous peoples and other minorities, and recognizing peace and happiness as inherent rights of all, affirmed Gómez.

presentación unidad V y VIUnit V and VI

Aurora González, presented Unit V - Responsible Media Use, to understand its role in the actions for the construction of a culture of peace and the use of social networks as an influential means for the integral human being and their environment.

In the same way, González showed the audience Unit VI - Music for Peace and Happiness, created with the goal of showing students the power of music and its impact on well-being, harmony and social development of the integral human being.

Dr. Justo MoralesTo finish the exhibition of the thematic units of the Chair for Peace, Justo Morales showed the content of Unit VII – The Peace of Mother Earth, which was designed to promote the recognition of planet Earth as a living being subject of rights, promoting values and principles of social responsibility, defense, and protection of Mother Earth through actions of peaceful environmental activism.

Closing of the Event

Francisco Guerra, national coordinator of the GEAP in Mexico, delivered the certificate to the Autonomous Association of academic staff of the Autonomous National University of Mexico - AAPAUNAM, as representative of the ALIUP in Mexico, period 2018-2019.

Bertha Rodríguez received the certificate and said: "The Autonomous Association of the academic staff of the UNAM, AAPAUNAM, is honored to address you through me (from the General Secretariat), to make a clear commitment to the objectives of the ALIUP for the promotion of a culture of peace in Mexico and the responsibility of the universities and their teachers to achieve it".

Signing of agreements​​​​​​​

At the end of the first session of the II Assembly of the ALIUP, the adhesion agreements were signed by Mexican universities. Rectors of different institutions of higher education signed the agreements. (See the list of institutions).​​​​​​​