Experts propose the alliance as a key factor in the construction of peaceGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Experts propose the alliance as a key factor in the construction of peace

CSR Session / Panama  |  Session 5
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"Partnerships in Corporate Social Responsibility: A tool for achieving sustainable development and for building peace" was the theme of the fifth panel that was part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Session for Sustainable Development.

This space brought together entrepreneurs and organizational leaders from different countries in order to exchange positive practices through their experiences in the field of CSR.

The experts also presented their CSR proposals as a key factor in working for sustainable development, based on values and principles, as an effective way to address the current social problems of nations.

Vital alliances

Abdiel Gutiérrez, vice president of Corporate Communication, Panama Canal Authority, in his participation emphasized that alliances are vital in the development of all policies of CSR as a gesture that companies must have.

"From an ethical point of view, customer relations, transparency, the same relationship with the community depends on those alliances," said Gutiérrez.


Abdiel Antonio Gutiérrez
Vice President of Corporate Communications, Panama Canal Authority

Similarly, as an example, he used the relationship that the Panama Canal has with the communities that inhabit the river basin, resulting in the benefit of the community and a company as important in Panama as the canal itself.

"We in the Panama Canal never thought that there would ever be a community-channel relationship, we have accepted this relationship to preserve a resource as important as the water resource that depends on everyone," Gutiérrez concluded.

Aligned with SDG’s

Mauricio López, vice president of ANDESCO and director of Pacto Global, Colombia, began his presentation indicating that the CSR work is summarized in the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDG’s).

"We have to understand that these 17 SDG’s are fundamentally the agenda of our work."


Mauricio López
Executive Director of the Colombian Network of the United Nations Global Compact

He also referred to the 5Ps of sustainable development as part of the active agents to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

  1. People
  2. Planet
  3. Prosperity
  4. Peace
  5. Partnership

He also stated in his presentation that CSR is not to do the minimum necessary but to make the maximum effort to build a different world through alliances.

Responsible Companies

Temístocles Rosas, vice president of Action and Finance, Tocumen Airport - Panama, spoke about the importance of creating companies without affecting society.

"Within this social movement in Latin America we must realize that we can do business without having to affect our societies; that is to say, to have successful companies in successful societies", added Rosas.


Temístocles Rosas
Vice President of Administration and Finance of Tocumen International Airport - Panama

In the same way, he emphasized how transcendental it is to know how to identify with whom to ally so that the company can be sustainable over time and at the same time generate positive actions in the environment where it is developed.

To close the lectures, Diana Rochín, president of the Texas Chamber of Commerce, USA, spoke about the integration and collaboration of communities in the fulfillment of CSR.

"Many times, we forget what the community can do and we expect the government to give us, teach us, but each of us can do something," said Rochín.


Diana Rochin
President of the Success Club, Texas, United States.

Finally, she said that entrepreneurs must continue to see in a positive way the responsibility that unites them with the needs of people and the environment in order to strengthen social justice.


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