Colombia offers love and peace to Mother Earth on World Environment DayGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Colombia offers love and peace to Mother Earth on World Environment Day


during the second week of June, the Guardians for Peace of 19 departments: Antioquia, Bolívar, Atlántico, Norte de Santander, Cundinamarca, among others, joined forces to work towards the objectives of the Social Program "Children of the Mother Earth", created and directed by the Global Ambassador of Peace Dr. William Soto Santiago, through dialogues and educational activities, where CLUB-R friends, Flori and Espin, sensitized a total of 37,829 people throughout the nation.

Flori, Espin and CLUB-R spread their love for Mother Earth

Flori and Espin (two Children of Mother Earth belonging to the vegetable kingdom), and the friends of Club-R, who are part of the didactic process developed by the GEAP in this type of events, decided to contact 89 educational institutions throughout the country, in order to make a call for the protection and restoration of Mother Earth, and the beings that compose it. Taking into account that these include 54,871 species registered in Colombia in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).

The characters motivated people to carry out simple actions for a development and sustainable future that guarantees the continuity of a harmonious coexistence of human beings with our Mother Earth; an example of this is the implementation of the 5Rs into everyday life: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, REFUSE AND RE-EDUCATE, as these help to curb environmental deterioration.

Colombian activists, belonging to a territory of great natural wealth, occupying the first place in diversity of birds and orchids, the second in diversity of plants, amphibians, river fish and butterflies, the third in diversity of reptiles and palms, and The fourth place in the diversity of mammals worldwide (according to the report of the National Information System on Biodiversity -SIB Colombia), promoted the campaign of digital signature collection, which seeks the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being.

It is worth highlighting the CENCAE of Soledad-Atlántico, entity dedicated to the education of children with disabilities, was among the entities that gladly accepted the initiative and participated with its signature, given that they were very receptive to the explanations.

"All the deteriorating consequences that our environment is having, is because, as a living being it feels all the damage that is being done to it," said the rector of the entity, Raquel Diaz.


Discussions in the educational community

Caring for the environment was one of the main objectives for educating and knowing the thoughts on the subject of those present; Leonor Jimena, a teacher at the Salesian College in Buenaventura, thanked the activists and said:

“Le agradezco a los Guardianes por la Paz de la Madre Tierra, ya que en 25 años como docente en este colegio no habíamos tenido algo así; de parte de la Institución, gracias. Hoy aprendí mucho, y aplicaré las 5R”.

While the students were doing the crafts, Agata Barbosa Corredor, a 5th grade student, said that as students, Mother Earth can be cared for and protected through small actions such as: recycling, reusing; and this way  people become mindful of caring for the environment. He added:

"Mother Earth is a living being ... we have taken it, for a long time, as a home and thanks to it we can live. It has offered us food and shelter ... without it, if we continue to harm it, we will be damaging ourselves."


"If something dies it is because it had life; and the Earth is dying little by little, by the poor human treatment that we are giving it, the misuse. So, it is a living being; and therefore, we must treat it with delicacy and help it to try to overcome the illness in which we have placed it ". -Rectora of the Liceo Cristiano Emanuel, Ms. Esneda Salazar.


"Our goal is to tell the community, the next generation, that with this process of re-education we must try to feed Mother Earth in a positive way, so that the next generations live a better quality of life than that we adults are doing at the moment ". -Jesus Armando Fernandez, manager of Community Entrepreneurship and pedagogue of San José de Isnos, Simon Bolívar jurisdiction.

This was all part of the International Program, the active participation of the GEAP volunteers in their endeavor to strengthen the individual and social culture of sustainability and love for Mother Earth in the Colombian territory.



access_time Sunday, September 11, 2016