The Celebration of the Environment in Argentina sowed ecological values in 17.580 studentsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The Celebration of the Environment in Argentina sowed ecological values in 17.580 students


The GEAP joined the Ministry of Environment and other municipal organisms for the development of the drives of environmental education.

To break aggressions against Mother Earth and to promote the sustainable use of her natural resources was the central focus of diverse educational activities which are developed in Argentina, in the framework of the celebration of the Worldwide Day of the Environment (July 5).

The drives of environment education were organized by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), through the International Program “Children of Mother Earth”, which encourages environmental values and actions for a green sustainable citizenship. (See: Institutional video “Children of Mother Earth”)

The “5R’s” of Recycling (reduce, recycle, re-use, refuse and re-educate) and the Recognition of Mother Earth as a living being, were principal topics in the educational talks, imparted to sensitize the citizenship about the present environment situation, likewise, to foment individual and collective ecological actions for the protection and restoration of Mother Earth.

In the drives, the GEAP socialized the proposal of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth and the accession through an electronic signature. (See Declaration)

17.580 students participated in the activities, next to directors and teachers of different educational institutions of eight cities of the nation, including the capital, Buenos Aires, from June 6 to 10.

The Activists for Peace worked in union with municipal organisms like the Ministry of Environmental and Sustainable Development, the Direction of Environmental Management and the area of Sustainable Development ADELO, among others; at the same time, the GEAP received an invitation to participate in the events organized by the local governments.

In the General Law of Environment N° 25.675, the State establishes that the environment education it constitutes the basic instrument to generate in the citizenship, values, behaviors and attitudes that are according with a balanced environment, tend to the preservation of the natural resources and their sustainable utilization. (Art. 14°) 

For a sustainable Buenos Aires

In the province of Buenos Aires, the environmental activities were developed in different institutions, with a reach of 770 students and more of 20 teachers and directives; the students shared about the actions that they realized the care of nature.

The volunteers of the GEAP, also assisted to the launch of the Center of Sustainability for Local Governments (CESUS), in the Metropolitan University for Education and Work (UMET), on June 9.

The Center has as a goal bringing closer technical officials and politicians to the tools theoretical-practical to ease the planning, development and implementation of public politics that guarantees care of the environment and the promotion of a local sustainable development.

In the presentation they approached 16 fundamental thematics for the management of the municipals; the minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of the nation, rabbi Sergio Bergman; the president of the Argentine Chapter of the Club of Rome, Santiago Kovadloff; the coordinator of the Water and Youth Movement, Gonzalo del Castillo, and professionals of the area of Environmental Education were present.

This meeting allowed the socialization of the campaign of the virtual signature for the worldwide recognition of Mother Earth as a living being, developed by the GEAP. (Ver: Support with a signature: Worldwide recognition of Mother Earth as a living being)

In Olavarria the ADELO and the GEAP were united to celebrate

4.685 students of initial, primary and secondary in the city of Olavarria received the environmental talk and they performed crafts applying the “5R’s”.

The GEAP was invited by the area of Sustainable Development (Argentine Association of the Ozone- ADELO) to celebrate the annuity; the event was effectuated in the Center of Municipal Exposure of Olavarria (CEMO), were they gathered different primary and secondary schools (public and private)..

The municipal mayor, Mr. Ezequiel Galli, and representatives of the Direction of Sports, Direction of Bramatology, Direction of the Agricultural Development, Science Museum and Bioparaque La Maxima were present in the activity.

Thousands of students received the environment formation in Tres Arroyos and Mar del Plata

More than 5.134 students, in the city of Tres Arroyos, of 15 preschool educative facilities, primary and secondary, where involved in the environmental activities, in which they familiarized with the ecological rule of the “5R’s”.

Mar del Plata was visited by the Primary School N° 68 “Rene Favaloro”, were 190 students, accompanied by teachers of the institution, received an exposition of objects made with recycled materials, as examples to be applied for children and teenagers.  

Green citizens of all ages in Cordoba and Mendoza

Age was not a limit; older adults of the primary and secondary education system of the city of Cordoba, where also instructed through the environmental talks. Around 840 cordoban students and 44 teachers interacted in the activities to reinforce environmental knowledge and practices.

In Mendoza, more than 550 students of initial, primary and secondary celebrated the environmental event with songs, games and crafts, directed to the formation of sustainable green citizenship.

On the other hand, while the global celebration, the Direction of Environmental Issues of the municipalization invited the GEAP to the “Environmental Fare of Recuperate”; this space invites to the reflection and foment of the municipal actions for the care and protection of the environment.

Resistance supports the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

In Resistencia, 3,710 students were instructed in a didactic way to form positive environmental habits to protect, care for and preserve the Earth.

The Chaco government endorsed the proposal of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, which was promoted by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace during the celebration; the provincial deputy, Lidia Élida Cuesta, of the Chamber of Legislators of the Province of Chaco, expressed support for the project.

The Ministry of Environment of the province of Jujuy supported the celebration

1.700 alumni where sensitized through talks in the cities of San Salvador of Jujuy and Palpala. Overall with the Ministry of Environment of the province of Jujuy, an activity was developed in the “Plaza Belgrano”, which was focused in raise awareness the citizenship about the necessity to care and protect Mother Earth.



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