4100 Argentinians execute actions during environment weekGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

4100 Argentinians execute actions during environment week


World Environment Day

madre tierra
Children discover parts of Mother Earth
With educational talks, planting of trees, recycling campaigns and cleaning and restoration of green spaces, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Argentina celebrated World Environment Day.


Citizens and volunteers from the GEAP of Resistencia, Chaco, Posadas, Misiones, Olavarria, Buenos Aires, Batán, Partido de General Pueyrredón and the town of Ezeiza participated in the activities.

Environment week brought together government authorities from different cities of the country; likewise, reforestation days were held with the objective of collaborating with the restoration of Mother Earth as a living being.

Agreements in favor of Mother Earth

Following the agreement established by GEAP and the Ministry of Environment of the city of Resistencia, an act was carried out in the courtyard of the municipality, to sign three agreements with the following institutions:

  • La Red Argentina de Municipios para el Cambio Climático (RAMCC)

  • UEP 161 IBP - Barranqueras y la UEP 172 Deolindo Felipe Bittel, both from the Tecnicatura Superior en Gestión Ambiental.

Mayor Jorge Capitanich; under-secretary of Environment, Luis Maza; the provincial deputy, Analia Rach; and about 100 citizens of the area attended the event. The celebration ended with the performance of the Municipal Band.
jornada ambiental
Cleaning day for love of Mother Earth

Ecological Ornamental Garden

Then, the Ecological Ornamental Garden was inaugurated in the CCM 244 Viviendas Community Center and a sculpture with dry residues was made.

Luis Casas in representation of the under-secretary of Environment; Malvina Torres, delegate of Environmental Education; and the president of the Community Center, Valentin Benitez attended the event.

Cleaning and Restoration

In the pedestrian of Resistencia, the GEAP together with the Chaco Eco Urbano Institution, carried out a day of awareness through games. More than 660 people knew that with the application of the 5R’s one can help the planet. Likewise, representatives of the municipal nursery donated 300 ash saplings.

In Batan, party of General Pueyrredon, the Guardians carried out a day of restoration of the square of the neighborhood near the Municipal Kindergarten N ° 21 Ricardo Güiraldes, where 96 children attended, who received an educational talk about the importance of taking care of this recreational space.

On June 5, in Bahia Blanca, Azul, Tres Arroyos and Mar del Plata volunteers held a day of cleaning and restoration of plazas. The removal of weeds and the restructuring of games, banks and pillars left these places in top condition.

madre tierra
Exhibition “I love you Mother Earth”
Educational Talks on “The 5R’s”

The middle school No. 7 Leopoldo Lugones and middle school No. 18, gathered 1851 students of Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Union and Spegazzini, to receive the environmental talks along with the Guardians, Flori and Thorny, and Club R, who showed the importance of Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Reject and Re-educate.

Also, in the 609 Manuel Dorrego de Posadas School, 300 students along with 10 teachers, the deputy director Erna Clauser and the 7th grade students participated in the exhibition on environmental values.

GEAP volunteers, invited by Emilia Diaz Director of Sustainable Development of the Local Economic Development Agency (ADELO) and the municipality, attended the Olavarria Municipal Exhibition Center (CEMO), to participate in the marathon for World Environment Day.

As part of the activity 800, students belonging to 16 primary and special education schools were part of the different educational workshops offered by the Institution. (See: List of schools that participated in the celebration and workshops offered by the institution)

Fairs for the Peace of Mother Earth

Also, the Fair for the Peace of Mother Earth was installed at the Plaza 9 de Julio  in the city of Posadas along with the Director of Citizen Education, Lorena Benítez and CEMO. Four themes conformed the exhibition:

  • Our Mother Earth is a living being

  • The 5R’s of the environmental values

  • Environmental Movement “Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth”

  • Exhibition: “I love you, Mother Earth.”

During the activity, Maximiliano Priest, delegate of Malvinas Transport was in charge of teaching the children about the use of Eco Green Points that remained in the place. The event ended with the projection of a video on the care of the environment.



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