Greco García | CSR and Sustainable Business Models: A step towards the Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth
Greco García

Greco García | CSR and Sustainable Business Models: A step towards the Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth

How is everyone?

First of all, I'm going to take a little of your time. I want to thank and… allow you to awaken a little.

I want to thank the Gabriela for the invitation to be here again in Guatemala; I was here for a conference 2 months ago, and I want to congratulate: I have not seen in all the international conferences, a group of volunteers like the ones you have here on this occasion. Congratulations to all the volunteers!

I am going to talk to you about one aspect, before we give room to the experts and guests that we have at a good level.

The word preocuparse [worry] and ocuparse [attend to] [TRANSLATOR NOTE: In Spanish, these words sound very similar]. What similarity do you see in these two words? At the end of these two words there is ‘rse’ [TRANSLATOR NOTE: RSE is the Spanish translation for CSR]; there are some who are concerned and there are others attend to it

Let's worry; today we have important issues, such as peace, such as the environment, what are truly we doing for our Mother Earth?

Today we sow with the water that we pollute; are we truly doing something in our work for water, for the land, for air? And that's what we're going to talk about in the panel that today belongs to us between Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable business models.

So I ask you to please join us in the stage, to each one of you. I will begin with the women.

The director of Social Responsibility of ASAZGUA, Executive Director of FUNDAZÚCAR, design and program of Best Families that are executed in Guatemala and Honduras, let’s please give a cordial welcome to María Silvia Pineda.

Let’s also receive in the panel, Environmental and Sanitary Engineer of the Lund University, Sweden; Vice President of Biolodos S.A., with high experience in toxic sludge treatments from the industry in Sweden and Colombia. Let us please welcome Patricia Leon. Welcome.

Winner of the 2013 Recycle Award, international lecturer, invited to prestigious universities: Harvard, Columbia, Salem, Emerson in the United States, among others in Colombia; we welcome Gustavo Yepes. Welcome.

Business administrator, organizational psychologist, expert in sustainability reports, corporate volunteering, and leadership against climate change; welcome, he's Alejandro Ruiz. Besides, he and I work in an international organization of the former Vice President Al Gore, and so he is a colleague of mine. Welcome

To further give way to the issue of Social Responsibility that concerns us, the issue of sustainability in Social Responsibility has four terms, which I invite you to review in the sustainability pyramid: The topic of ethics, the financial issue, and the social and environmental issue. These four points make up the topic of the sustainability pyramid.

These four points, not only have to do with the fashion of sustainability. For this we are going to start by seeing this inter-American charter, the Inter-American Environmental Charter that is proclaims the Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth that the Global Embassy gives us.

If we can watch the video please.


How important it is to have this proclamation and for there to be a document, something physical in existence; something that we can, well… the OAS issue is already under review, it has already been reviewed and soon the United Nations issue will be reviewed.

It is very important, I think we could get into topic, Paty, I would like to give you the word so that you can share your opinion with us; the topic of the Rights of Mother Earth and how these influence the topic of Social Responsibility of sustainable businesses.

I want you to give us your opinion and share with us what is the topic of sustainable business, since you work directly with Mother Earth.


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