Gabriela Lara | Installation Act of the Session CSR, CUMIPAZ 2018
RSE y sustentabilidad

Gabriela Lara | Installation Act of the Session CSR, CUMIPAZ 2018

Good morning. Welcome all.

On behalf of Dr. William Soto Santiago, President of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, we thank each one of you for your presence, especially, to Gloria Esperanza del Carmen, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economy of Guatemala; and thank all the authorities of Guatemala for the warmness and kind heart with which you have received us in order to carry forward the Peace Integration Summit.

This is the second day of sessions in which we are called to Corporate Social Responsibility; and the objective of this session is to create awareness in the corporate sector on the importance of implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in businesses, but on the basis of principles and values as a mechanism, as an effective way to be able to address all social issues, the sustainability of Mother Earth with the aim of strengthening the integral peace of the human being and of nations.

At the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, we understand Corporate Social Responsibility as a vision of doing business but based, the work of Corporate Social Responsibility, on the respect, above all else, for human dignity, the rights of Mother Earth, and the commitment of entrepreneurs to actively transform their environment; to work on economic, social, environmental development based, above all, on justice and equality of all spheres that conform it.

It is necessary to address the economic dimension, address peace from the economic dimension; and for that it is important to involve the business sector as a direct agent of this dimension and as a fundamental social agent that can transform its environment, that can transform societies. It is very important to include the entire business sector in this task, in this fight for peace and happiness of the human family.

I would like to leave you with some words from Dr. William Soto, who for health reasons was not able to join us, but will be sharing with us the concepts and work guidelines with regards to this Corporate Social Responsibility Session.


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