Dra. Hermelinda A. de Ortega | Installation Act - Educational Session, CUMIPAZ 2017

Dra. Hermelinda A. de Ortega | Installation Act - Educational Session, CUMIPAZ 2017

Your Excellency, Minister of Education of the Republic of Panama, Dr. Marcela Paredes; Gabriela Lara, general director of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace; rectors, vice-ministers, academics, students, who are here today at the Educational Session "Education for Peace".

As secretary pro tempore of the ALIUP, we have been working with all the universities already incorporated to this date (which are more than 100-150 universities), who have interpreted and understood that globalization and the internationalization of higher education compels us, challenges us to work as a team; being education the only instrument that can educate in academics, but, above all things, the importance of education in values.

And we asked ourselves at that time during the table: what can we do and what are the simple areas that can lead change to complex areas? From that strategic plan of the ALIUP we have outlined objectives in the short, medium and long term.

The short term plan are seminars, exchanging experiences from the different conferences that we have held. Then, the first Summit held in Chile, the second Summit held in Paraguay and today in Panama. The conferences where we exchanged opinions, experiences, weaknesses, strengths, and that we carry as an immediate task.

In the medium term: to go to work in our universities parting from academics, with our professors teachers. Nobody can give what they do not have. If I do not have inner peace I cannot transmit it. I cannot work with my academic colleagues, with the authorities of the university and with my students what we currently call: Chair for Peace.

And in the long term it would already be the product, which perhaps we can no longer verify or experience, but it is to multiply people with human dignity, who love themselves, people who have to first work for a family life; because where is education born? In the family; then it goes to an initial level where from higher education we also have and must work through a fundamental axis, which is the axis of university extension.

Higher education is so important, as is what we are going to share with you today, which is the installation to make way for the Chair for Peace, which should be transverse in all educational areas: from the initial level, the basic school , the middle level and the upper level.

Your Excellency Minister, as vice-rector of a university in Paraguay, I value your presence here today, because the interest of the authorities of a country is fundamental, that's where everything is born. Thank you for your presence today, it encourages us and inspires us to continue working for the happiness of the human being, respect for dignity and training in values, tolerance, teamwork, commitment, loving oneself, respecting the idea of others; which is fundamental for the growth of a human being.

Thank you very much for today's presence. And tonight in an Assembly I am handing over the pro tempore Secretariat of the ALIUP; certain that other universities will be working on the Chair for Peace and the Alliance of Universities for Peace.

Thank you very much.