Dr. William Soto | Installation Act of the Session CSR, CUMIPAZ 2018

Dr. William Soto | Installation Act of the Session CSR, CUMIPAZ 2018

Receive a cordial greeting, all members of the honor table, appreciated entrepreneurs and the general public; A good morning to you all and thank you for joining us in the Peace Integration Summit - CUMIPAZ.

Scientific and technological advances have provided a variety of resources to generate new models of business and new visions that seek constant growth. Many of them present a challenge because while they may allow for greater economic development, they may also change the life of the human family as we know it.

We are all aware that economic development, the growth of businesses, and emerging technologies, do not necessarily represent growth in the well-being of human beings and the planet or Mother Earth. Limitations in production no longer exist and the transformation that these advances or new products may bring forth will all depend on the purpose that is given to them; and that is determined by the people who have that power to decide.

That is why the principles and values within the hearts of leaders in the business field are important today, more than ever: Their ethics and their love for other human beings, because these form the foundation that sustains the process of deliberation.

In that sense, we have been proposing, beginning from the educational theory for the peace and happiness of the integral human being, the importance of forming the human being in his or her heart with principles and values; and for the entrepreneur, this formation must be imparted beginning at universities, as a transversal theme throughout the formation process.

A great challenge exists today, especially for entrepreneurs, whose actions can bring forth a greater impact in society and in all the living beings that inhabit the Earth. It is important to reflect on the focus and the objective of businesses and the act of doing business.

It is urgent and necessary that the economic sector, entrepreneurs, rethink the economy, rethink the relationships of companies with our Mother Earth, but above all, reconstruct the worldview that entrepreneurs have of human beings.

Many times, it was mistakenly thought that values such as ethics, solidarity, respect, and honesty, had no relation with the process of generating profits, but it is time to gain awareness that these values —and especially the love for our neighbors — are intangible and indispensable assets for a company.

It is important to promote a leadership that is adjusted to the reality of the 21st century, where the imperative need for a change in paradigms and the potentialization of the values of human being is observable, through positive leaders that provide security and maintenance of the planet Earth; that is to say, a positive transformational integral leader.

Companies are composed of human beings and administered by human beings; that is why maximizing benefits and competitiveness cannot be the starting point for entrepreneurs or for a company. The business sector has the ability of changing people's lives and the world. It achieves this when its main objective is placed on serving others, on constantly searching for ways to contribute to the well-being and betterment of all human beings, in having constant personal growth within a person, in doing, in belonging, and in having. When this becomes the main objective, the economic fruitfulness will come as part of the result.

Entrepreneurs must constantly watch over their actions and decision making, being aware that these affect their surroundings, and thus, life, becoming responsible of the future of our societies and our Mother Earth. Corporate Social Responsibility must be a real commitment and a tool to make businesses transparent and with ethical principles.

The world needs for business leaders to see growth on its own as being insufficient; there is a need for leaders who are focused day to day on seeking the well-being, the betterment, the peace, and the happiness of people, on finding a sense of service, leaders who think with their heart and are willing to contribute to the generation of more leaders who impact the life of the human family in a positive way, given that serving others is the foundation of happiness.

We all have the ability of being positive transformational integral leaders that contribute so that the people around us are happier every time. This invitation is a challenge that will bring you opportunities and that will help you materialize your dreams as entrepreneurs and as human beings.

Thank you.



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