The heart of America: Paraguay

Known as the heart of America, Paraguay, is a sovereign state, located in central South America, bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest.

Its territory is characterized by two different regions separated by the Paraguay River, the East (39% of the national territory), which is the most populated, characterized by an undulating landscape of hills dominated with tropical and subtropical forests; and the West or Chaco (61% of the territory), composed of a semiarid extensive alluvial floodplain. It is a landlocked state, but its major rivers, Paraguay y Paraná, that forms part of the river basin of Río de la Plata, provide an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean.

Paraguay impulses strategies for environmental protection and mainly, the defense of the species that help defend the ecological process, with the objective of counting with these resources for future generations. The Environmental Secretary of the Republic of Paraguay (SEAM) and the Program of the United Nations for Development (PNUD), with Global funds to run the Paraguay Wildlife Project.  


The Paraguayan population is traditionally considered as mestiza. At first, it was the result of a union between Indians (mainly the Guarani ethnic group) and Spanish colonizers in the XVI century. Currently, they have 6.727.055 habitants.

Multiculturalism makes Paraguay a particular and different country in continuous evolution; with indigenous populations of five linguistic families, with the presence of immigrants from various countries around the world.

Politics and economy

The Paraguayan nation declared its Independence with the revolution on May 14, 1811.  It constitutes a sovereign, democratic, secular and unitary state of law, whose form of government is presidential republic.

Currently, Paraguay is a social state of law with a democratic regime, whose government is exercised by three powers: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The territory is divided in 17 departments run by a governor, a departmental board, and each district has a local government led by a City Mayor.

Paraguay is a founding member of Mercosur along with ArgentinaBrazil and Uruguay. It also forms part of the regional block Unasur.

The current president is Horacio Cartes, for the Partido Colorado (National Republican Association), democratically elected on April, 21, 2013.

Paraguay is one of the principle producers and exporters of clean and renewable electricity in the world; it is one of the few countries, in the entire world, that consumes one hundred percent of clean and renewable electricity. It also has reserves of non-ferrous minerals and natural gas.

Electricity, through the binational hydroelectric plants in Itaipú and Yacyretá, highly productive and modern agricultural and livestock production are leading economic activities, by representing more than 60% of all Paraguayan exports in 2015.

Commitment of peace

In Paraguay's permanent mission before the United Nations, there are three major thematic areas: the promotion and defense of Democracy and Human Rights, the fulfillment of the Millennial Development Objectives and the effective contribution of international peace and security; as well as humanitarian assistance.

Among their outstanding actions in recent years, we find: staff assistance to several peacekeeping operations, including in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti and Sudan, as well as, the contribution to the Human Rights Council of the UN as an active member; the country's leadership to advance solutions in the special needs of landlocked developing countries is particularly distinguished. Also, it possess a positive experience in the development of renewable energy.

Paraguay is an ideal venue for development of the Peace Integration Summit CUMIPAZ 2016, for being a country supporting and working for peace; an active and prominent member of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace GEAP, with a great number of committed voluntary activists that promote projects, programs and campaigns that are developed by this organization.





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Paraguay Permanent Mission at the UN